Kids Logic/DORAEMON & NOBITA Magnetic Floating Figurine - Launch at Ani-Com 2016
LINE FRIENDS/Octopus Card 2016
LINE FRIENDS/Virjoy Tissue Paper Promotion Campaign @ Summer 2016
Doraemon/Time Concepts
Doraemon/Magic Art Ltd.
Cherry Bedding 2016
Connaught Case Ltd.
Yata Department Store 2016
Stand By Me Movie Promotion Program
Cherry Bedding
Yata Department Store
Mascot Station
Doraemon X Wellcome Supermarket Promotion (2015)
Doraemon X Bossini Collection (2015)
All Rights Reserved - Doraemon X Ding Dong Takuhaibin Online Shop
Doraemon X AI Bakery Promotion (2015)
Doraemon x 7 - 11 Promotion (2014)
LINE Character x SuNing Promotion @ This Summer 2014
Maxims Mooncake x LINE Character @ This Mid Autumn Festival 2014
Doraemon X Hung Fook Tong 2014
FACE Magazine X Shinchan
Summer Events in HKG
Doraemon on Broad Star Cruises
Baleno Launches Doraemon Garments Line. In China and Taiwan
Panda Z Delight Young Travelers with Wing On Travel
Doraemon Wins Again at 7-Eleven Hong Kong
Doraemon goes to India
New Office - Malaysia
Licensing In India
Moon Cakes Launched in China
Doraemon Movie "Nobita's Dinosaur"
Shenzhen Ani Exhibition
"Possibilities 2007- 2008" Hong Kong Licensees Meet
Deka Ranger kick off carnival thrills in Hong Kong
Shinchan to relaunch in Hong Kong
Gameone Online Entertainment Group Launches Doraemon Monopoly Pc Game
Doraemon promotes COLGATE toothbrush in China & Taiwan
Doraemon and KFC commits to China
Colgate & Doraemon
McDonalds And Ochaken Go Regional
Japan Celebrates 10TH Anniversary Of PostPet
Doraemon Movie Bonanza
Doraemon In 7-Eleven Taiwan
Its Doraemon Again For KFC/Birdland Hong Kong
Doraemon Joins Hands With Hong Kong Red Cross
Click Licensing Inc Tasked With Doraemon In The Philippines
Doraemon And Dairy Plus In Joint Promotion
Instant Noodle Promotions
Capsule Toys Imports
PANDA-Z The Robonimation on VCD/DVD in Hong Kong
EMSD Doraemon Safety Carnival in Hong Kong
PostPet launches in Bangkok, Thailand
Shinchan Press Conference in Taipei
Doraemon and WYETH go promotional in Thailand
Doraemon helps promote FUJIFILM in Thailand
Makoto Muramatsu Collection & Broadway Promotion-Hong Kong
Doraemon latest Movie to hit Thailand Screens
Panda-Z & Sony Ericsson Promotion-Hong Kong
DORAEMON regins on TV
KFC-China Treats Teen with Ochaken
DORAEMON Personal Care Products Hits Shelves in China
Taiwan-7-Eleven DORAEMON Around The World Promotion
DORAEMON Treasure Island Musical Show to Hit Taiwan
Bright Dairy brings DORAEMON Flavored Milk to China
Doraemon promotion with Colgate in Hong Kong
Doraemon ticket premium set program with AEL in Hong Kong
Doraemon Chinese New Year premium with Chih Hui Chia in Taiwan
Doraemon redemption program for water bottle & give away for Domino in Thailand
Doraemon Feature - Nobita and the Wind Wizard in Taiwan